Dr Seema's Profile

Dr Seema's Profile
Dr. Seema Hirji is a dermatologist and cosmetologist and founder of Dr. Seema’s Skin & Health
Clinic, a recognized centre of excellence in the areas of dermatology and cosmetology situated in
Clifton, Karachi.
Dr. Hirji is a Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan having completed
her certification in 1992, specializing in Dermatology. Since then, she has served as a consultant
dermatologist at the Mideast Medical Centre, Orthopaedic & Medical Institute (OMI), the
Ziauddin Hospital in Clifton and also at the Aga Khan Diagnostic Centre.
Dr. Hirji is the Consultant Dermatologist for Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and is active in
supporting the company in increasing awareness of and disseminating scientific research relating
to P&G’s hair products such as Head & Shoulders shampoo.
She has attended numerous conferences and workshops pertaining to dermatology, cosmetology,
anti-aging medicine and wellness in Paris and Monte Carlo in Europe and also in the United
States and Canada.
Dr. Seema’s Skin & Health Clinic, under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Hirji offers a full
range of dermatological and Cosmetology related treatments including lasers and Intense Pulse
Light (IPL), Micro-dermabrasion, Mesotherapy, skin fillers, Botox and various hair treatments.
In addition, Dr. Seema’s Skin & Health Clinic offers a luxurious hair and foot spa for the days
when you want to just relax and pamper yourself.